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Community Artist: Fordos Lateef

The height of a building, or the variety of colours: that’s what inspires Fordos to pick up the paintbrush. She creates art while imagining where that art will hang. Starting from a young age Fordos was passionate for art, she started off drawing and soon moved forward with her passion by attending a University for Fine Arts. Soon, that University became her career as she begun teaching art for young minds with the passion for paint, just like herself.

When Fordos became a member of our community she brought her talent, passion, and artistic outlook on the world here. Originating in Baghdad, Iraq Fardos’ art brings a new culture into our community. Having the ability to look at her art, we see a snapshot of the world through her eyes.


When asked what her goals were in Art, Fordos responded “I would like to make my dream come true on opening an art studio and to become an official professional artist somewhere other than my home country. It would also benefit teaching people who like to create art.”

If you are looking for wonderful art created by a local artist you can find Fordos on Instagram here, or contact her via email at

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