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“Stay Home. Take Photos. Win Prizes.” Photo Contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Stay Home. Take Photos. Win Prizes.” Photo Contest! Yes, while this is a wonderfully creative name, you outdid us with your innovative and heartwarming photographs.

As the pandemic asked us to self-isolate and physically distance ourselves, Fraser Community League wanted to meaningfully engage people during this difficult time. And just like that, the idea for this photo contest emerged. It was quickly put together with the help of our wonderful community partners (Bannerman Community League, Belmont Sobeys, Giant Tiger, C5 North East Hub, and Clareview Area Council). A very warm thank-you to all of them for their support and collaboration!

We received over 80 photo entries capturing the creative and meaningful ways people are socially engaging and appreciating the beauty around them. We know how hard it was to be stuck at home as Edmonton finally warmed up, but as we can see from the winning photos, you really made the most of a difficult time! 

Thank you, again, and congratulations to our winners! 

🌟Giant Tiger Top Prize #1: “Still having tea parties. Just with face time and our poor dog!” 

🌟Belmont Sobeys Top Prize #2: “Physical distancing a puppet play with our grandson.”

🌟Bannerman Community League / Clareview Area Council Prize for Most Creative Entry: “My daughter became “living Art” we painted the background to match the picture called Julie Manet by Pierre-Auguste Renoir from 1887!”

🌟C5 Northeast Hub Prize for Funniest Entry: “New co-worker at the office…”

🌟Communities United Prize for Top Local Entry: “Still hockey in this house 😀

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