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Communities United & MatchWork tackle unemployment & workforce development

Communities United and MatchWork have partnered to use MatchWork’s technology to get data based workforce insights on the unemployed population in the northeast Edmonton region.​

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About MatchWork

MatchWork combines machine learning and behavioral science to create transformative technologies for workforce development and employment services. Beyond traditional workforce data, MatchWork’s technology allows economic development agencies, employers and industry associations identify what drives their workforce populations to work, and what barriers they could be facing in connecting to meaningful work at both the individual and population levels.

Our Partnership Will Help Us...

Learn more about our communities

Gain a better understanding of the workforce population in the communities in which they work and in particular.

Help with recruitment

Help participants find meaningful work by sharing work profiles with businesses in the community.

Create personalized work portfolios

Form ideal work profiles for each person, based on their unique combination of education, work experience and personal situation.

Build community connections

We will be sending employment and training updates and tips to all participants.

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