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What is a MatchWork career profile?

MatchWork combines machine learning and behavioral science to create transformative technologies for workforce development and employment services. MatchWork’s technology allows economic development agencies, employers and industry associations identify barriers and what drives their workforce populations to work.

A MatchWork career profile helps you understand your strengths and what makes you invaluable to employers. 

What you'll gain from completing a MatchWork career profile

Personalized work profile

This short survey will form an ideal work profile for you, based on your unique combination of education, work experience and personal situation.

Discover your unique strengths

Discover what skills you need to use to make you feel engaged and motivated at work. These "superpowers" show that you have value and a purpose.

Find meaningful work

Uncover the type of priorities you need to fulfill to be happy in your career. This can make the difference between the Monday morning dread and telling your friends how lucky you feel to have the job you do.

Help us reduce employment barriers

Your profile helps us understand the types of barriers that people in our community face. These insights help us take action within our community to reduce unemployment.


Will this help me find a job ?

A MatchWork profile is not a job application. However, you can use your profile to discover unique qualities that employers will find invaluable, determine which of your skillsets to improve, or decide what type of jobs will be a good fit.

What do you do with my profile information ?

We use responses to generate broader insights into the assets and strengths present in the community, help to identify gaps or needs, and inform approaches and opportunities with industry partners. You will also receive occasional updates and resources from CU, and can opt out of these emails at any time.


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Communities United is a collaborative initiative in five Edmonton neighbourhoods that is building connections and activities to strengthen the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

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You will be automatically entered to win a $200 grocery gift card after completing your profile.

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