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Get involved! Grocery Run – Corporate Challenge

Challenge your colleagues and partnering businesses to join this call to action.

Grocery Run is a program operated by the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative in partnership with the Multicultural Family Resource Society. Grocery Run provides weekly, nutritious, and culturally appropriate essential grocery hampers to newcomer
and refugee families experiencing poverty in Edmonton.

The program is looking to the community to help raise $150,000 to keep the program running through 2022, through individual donations and organizational donations through The Corporate Challenge

Medicine Shoppes in Edmonton challenged each other to donate $500 and donated a total of $5,000 to the program.

Who should participate in the Grocery Run Corporate Challenge?

If you are united in the belief that elevating our most vulnerable communities with essential nutrition is a critical cause,
imagine what your scope of support can be! Challenge your colleagues and partnering businesses to join this call to action.

▪️ Do you have a community-driven team looking for a cause to champion this giving season?
▪️ Does your organization offer a matching donation program?
▪️ Do you have a network of partners that are philanthropic?
▪️ Does your team seek out meaningful volunteer experiences?

What can we help with?

Communities United can provide assets and tools to help you encourage your team and showcase your efforts on social media with our social media guide.

How to sign up

Contact the Grocery Run at

Where should we send donations?

Donations can be made through the GoFundMe link. If sending a cheque is preferred, please contact for details.

MCHB Collective is not a registered charity and will not be able to provide a charitable receipt for donations to the program.

Donations made to the GoFundMe campaign will receive a charitable tax receipt.

How can we raise money?

Many organizations use challenges within the company to raise money. Some ideas are

▪️ Donation box
▪️ Jeans Friday
▪️ Department Challenges


Learn more about the program and how it helps those in need in Edmonton.

▪️ Edmonton Journal
▪️ Global Edmonton
▪️ CBC Edmonton

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