Communities United: Leaders of the Pitch Soccer Program

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Communities United values the opinion of those we work with, and we always try to ask you (our community) what you feel would benefit our neighbourhoods most. One of the most consistent responses we receive is to build opportunities for children and youth to be involved in programs, leisure activities, and employment training and experiences.

One of the main pillars of Communities United is Thriving Youth, and creating programs and workshops meant to encourage the youth in our community to thrive is a core part of our mission statement. This summer, to support our youth to thrive we created the Leaders Of The Pitch Soccer Program! A program that works towards all four of our pillars of focus: Community Connections, Thriving Youth, Boosting Household Income, and Local Economic Development.


The Leaders Of The Pitch Soccer Program is a three-week long soccer intensive program that challenges and supports the youth in our community to grow both personally and professionally while also allowing them to participate further in a sport that they enjoy! Furthermore, the youth involved in the program will form community connections to peers around them who share interests and talents. Soccer is a global sport where the popularity and the enjoyment of the activity connect people all across the world, and now it will connect youth in our community!

A major focus of the Leaders Of The Pitch Soccer Program is to build leadership skills, and build resumes! Throughout the three weeks, the twenty youth who are participating will develop leadership skills, discipline, teamwork, and respect. At the end of the three-week program, the youth will be First Aid Certified, trained to work as a referee in their community, and be able to place three weeks of volunteer experience on their resume.

Want to know the best part? The youth in the Leaders Of The Pitch Soccer program were admitted into the program completely free! At the end of the program they will be gifted a referee jersey, flags, and an honorarium so they can hit the ground running and start creating their own income this summer!

If you have any idea’s of how we can continue to benefit the community (like this one), let us know by clicking the button below!

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