Communities United RedCross Babysitting Course – Thriving Youth

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Supporting and encouraging youth to thrive both in their present lives, and their future is one of the main pillars of the Communities United initiative. Healthy, vibrant communities are places where youth are engaged, inspired, and empowered to reach their full academic, recreational, social, and vocational potential.

Communities United is teaming up with Fraser Community League to offer a complimentary Red Cross Babysitting course to youth in our community. Equipping the youth to grow their childminding skill set helps them create income on their own, promotes an entrepreneurial mindset, and benefits the families in our community with increased access to options for childminding!

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We believe that if we all work together – neighbour, community organizations,businesses, and local partners – amazing things can happen. By sharing time, skills and effort, we can build communities where diversity is celebrated, neighbours care for one another, and families live healthy, safe and financially-secure lives. To our delight, registration for the course filled in record time, showing us that this is an area in which the community feels it is important to dedicate efforts towards.

We are excited for the youth in our community to attend this workshop in May and to see the amazing opportunities they can create based off of their training. Although registration is filled for this specific program, we encourage our community to inform us of any other areas  or opportunities that we should pursue or focus on (something like this).  If you have any ideas of how we can further support the youth in our community to thrive we would love to hear them.

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